Vital secret about truck accidents that insurance companies don’t want you to know

Today I’m going to give you some answers about why insurance adjusters often try to get ahold of people on the phone after their truck accidents, and what you should do if it happens to you

You may be sitting in a hospital bed, or at home and wondering what to do next. Truck accidents are confusing that way. All of a sudden your phone rings and it’s an insurance adjuster from the other side, asking you in a very friendly manner if this is a good time to talk and if you can answer a few simple questions they have about the accident. Okay – stop right there. Here’s a secret about insurance companies calling you after truck accidents – they want you to talk to them; they want you to tell them your side of the story and you’d better believe that they are recording the conversation and picking apart every little thing you say in order to strengthen not your case, but theirs. Remember – insurance companies aren’t in the claim paying business; they’re in the claim denying business. And they are looking to increase their profits by paying people as little as they can after truck accidents happen.

Truck accidents: what to do about the adjusters

Insurance adjusters for truck accidents know that you aren’t an expert witness for your case. They know that you may not know how to be interviewed and they know that in all likelihood, you will slip up and say something during your interview that could damage your case.

There’s a simple solution to dealing with insurance adjusters who call people after they get involved in truck accidents: don’t talk to them. And call an attorney who has worked with other people who have been in truck accidents, and who knows how to deal with the insurance adjusters.

Facts about truck accidents that you may not know:

  • No law requires people to give telephone statements to insurance adjusters after truck accidents
  • No law requires people to give written statements to insurance adjusters after truck accidents
  • No law requires people to release their medical records directly to insurance adjusters after truck accidents
  • After truck accidents, people are often offered settlements directly from the other insurance company. While these settlements may seem large at the time, they do not account for things like your injuries worsening over time and preventing you from enjoying leisure time, time with family, or fulfilling your job requirements. Insurance companies know this, and they know that people often accept these lowball settlement amounts if they haven’t yet contacted an attorney.

Compassionate help for people hurt in truck accidents

Friedman Law here in Nebraska has been helping people with their truck accident cases for years. We would be honored to help you and your family if we can and we will never charge you a cent unless we win or settle your case. Call us at 800-220-9990 – we are always honored to help people who have been hurt in truck accidents