If you’re searching online for a wrongful death lawyer, we first want to give you our heartfelt condolences. There really can’t be anything more devastating than losing someone you love in a wrongful death case. There are no words in a blog article that could possibly encapsulate what you’re going through right now.

This article is meant to help you understand the system when you bring a wrongful death claim against a party or parties – who are you really suing? Do you need a wrongful death lawyer?

What should you do when you believe your loved one has been killed in a wrongful death?

Often in wrongful death cases, the person or parties at fault, did not kill your loved one on purpose. This could lead you to feeling guilty over looking for a lawyer to represent your family’s interests. You should not feel guilty. Often there is an insurance policy in place to protect the parties or person at fault. This is why we purchase insurance.

When hiring a wrongful death lawyer – who will pay me if I bring a claim?

Often, we think we’re suing an individual person. Or we think we’re not using our justice system properly by even thinking about bringing suit against someone for wrongfully killing your loved one. But this is exactly what the justice system is meant to do. It’s meant to make you “whole again”. And more often than not, we’ve been made to pay insurance into a system that is meant to protect us from this exact situation.

How will bringing a wrongful death claim help my family be whole again?

But how will you ever be “whole again” when your loved one is gone? You won’t. This is why in our country (the United States of America), we have financial compensation to help you and your family recover and get your life back on track again.

If a doctor injured or killed someone you love, you wouldn’t kill the doctor. Instead you’d make a claim against his/her insurance carrier who they had been paying all these years. Most likely that person or parties has insurance that will not only help you get back on your feet, and cover the finances you have lost and will lose in the future.

The other way that bringing a claim against the party or parties involved in wrongfully killing your loved one, may be even more important to you in some ways. If you bring a claim, the accident that happened becomes public knowledge and you may be protecting another family from suffering this kind of loss.

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