Just like in most states, Nebraska personal injury lawyers normally do not charge for your case until you win or settle. The amazing thing about a personal injury law firm, is that they are in it with you. They do not take any money until you win or settle, and they pay up front for all the costs. 

What costs go into a personal injury law case?

Often we’ll need to investigate, speak to witnesses, create a body of material to prove your case, collect medical records and police records. Also we look into social media to see how that may affect your case.

What can you do to preserve your personal injury case?

You can ensure a better outcome by documenting everything. Be sure you go to the hospital or visit your doctor regularly. Be sure you actually tell them everything you can think of that may have happened.

Keep records. You want to be sure you remember everything. Over time, memories fade and you’ll want to remember all you can. Do not take a recorded statement if you can avoid it. Often the insurance company will want to minimize what they’ll need to pay you. And even you may not know what your case is worth or what you’ll need to get back on your feet.

Do not feel guilty about getting a personal injury lawyer

Lastly, never feel guilty about hiring a law firm. Carefully crafted media campaigns go a long way to have us think we’re sue happy if we need to collect for an injury.

You have the right to representation, you can bet the insurance companies who you are dealing with have an army of lawyers working for them.

This is probably the first time you’ve been injured and mostly likely you are going against an insurance company, even though an individual person could be named. We’ve all had to pay insurance all these years, not it’s time for them to make your life whole again if possible.

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