Personal Injury Lawyer: Knowing how to hire a personal injury lawyer is crucial if you’ve been hurt and it wasn’t your fault.

Most people who are injured, have never been through such an ordeal in their lives. You often think your own insurance carrier who you’ve been paying all this time, will know help you. But their job is not to get you the best possible outcome, even if they do their best! They usually give you as little as possible to move your issue along!

What is a personal injury lawyer and why should I get one?

A personal injury lawyer specializes in helping individuals, and often they pay for all the cost of your case out of their own pockets.

It’s also been shown that when you have a personal injury lawyer working for you, you end up with 1/3 more money in the end. We understand that money is not your main focus…. you want to have your life back on track. But our laws work in that way, you get compensated for your injuries, that is how justice is served.

If it doesn’t feel fair it probably isn’t!

The truth is, if you feel like you’re not getting a “fair shake” … then you probably need help finding the right law firm.

There is so much to know to get it right. In this article, we’re going to help walk you through just a few things you may want to know to get started.

Lawyers Specialize in Practice Areas like “Personal Injury” (Personal Injury Lawyer)

Below in this video, is one of our partners, Dan Friedman. Dan is talking about Texting and Driving in this video. His expertise is in personal injury – in other words he is a personal injury lawyer.

Now imagine you have a friend who practices divorce law or corporate law. They’ve spent their lives going to court and helping people with entirely different issues.

Why should a lawyer specialize? The other side, and even your own insurance company, will know if your lawyer is an expert in their field, or just someone who “dabbles” in a certain area of the law. Just because your divorce lawyer has had a couple of injury law cases, doesn’t mean he or she will get the best outcome.

Here are some questions to ask your potential personal injury lawyer:

  • What kind of law do you specialize in?
  • How many cases like mine have you taken?
  • How many cases like mine has your firm taken all the way to trial?