Maybe you’ve been injured, and your beginning to think you’re not getting the compensation you need from your insurance company to get back life as it once was.

Doesn’t my insurance company represent me?

Most people think their own insurance company is going to go to bat and fight to get the best outcome in your injury case. This isn’t the insurance company’s function.

Why are my own interests aligned with a personal injury lawyer?

You and your lawyer are literally on the same side! Whereas your insurance company isn’t there to represent you the same way.

When you have been injured, and you put an injury lawyer on your team, you’ve got someone next to you with your best interests at heart because they don’t win when you don’t win – in fact they lose all the costs of your case when they don’t win. Let’s look at why:

Your personal injury lawyer (if they’ve got experience and resources) will normally not be paid unless you win or settle your case. They call this “contingency” – they take your case on contingency. It means their getting paid is contingent on winning or settling. Imagine if your doctor only got paid if the surgery was successful?

Why isn’t your insurance company going to give you the highest dollar amount for your case?

Your insurance company needs to give you as little as possible, because they have a duty to their shareholders – in other words their interests are aligned with their shareholders.

How can you tell if you have the right personal injury lawyer?

When you are talking to an injury law firm about what happened to you, you’ll want to ask them some questions to determine if they’re the right firm for you. Here’s a few questions you might want to pose to your potential law firm:

  1. Have they taken cases around your kind of injury and won or settled?
  2. Do they have testimonials from clients that had a similar thing happened?
  3. Are they able to go to trial (it’s expensive) if you need them to go that far?