Trucking Accident Attorney: How Do They Make Money?

Today I’m going to talk with you about what kind of money a personal injury lawyer charges to help get you a good settlement after your trucking accident and when you have to pay.

I understand that you may be in pain right now and literally have dozens of people trying to contact you and see you and ask you about your trucking accident. It’s probably really overwhelming for you. And adding a lawyer to the mix is probably the last thing you want to do. But statistically speaking, a lawyer can help get you 3x more settlement money than if you tried dealing with the insurance companies by yourself – so it could be in your best interests to have an attorney representing you after your trucking accident.

Hiring a Trucking Accident Attorney: How it Works:

A lady who had been injured in a trucking accident called our office recently and told us that she had been pretty seriously hurt and had the medical bills piling up and knew that she needed some help from a lawyer but really, really didn’t want more bills coming in the mail. So we told her this: Here’s how it works: we take a look at your case and consult with you about it – for free. Then, if we determine that you have a case, we will hire investigators, subpoena evidence, hire doctors, and build your case and still not charge you anything out of pocket. We’re taking a gamble at this point that all our work will pay off and result in us winning or settling your case for the maximum amount that we can. We take our fees – a percentage of your settlement – only if the case wins or settles. We never take more in fees than you get in settlement money!

We’d be Honored to Look at Your Truck Accident Case

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