Today I’m going to talk about what a lawyer can do for you after you get into an accident with a large truck while driving your car.

You’re probably overwhelmed right now – you’re already dealing with doctors, car repair people, insurance adjusters are trying to get ahold of you, and you’re not really sure where to go from here. I understand your confusion – after all, you’ve never been through this before. And you may be hesitant to get a lawyer involved. But doing so may help you a lot in the long run. Did you know that statistically, a lawyer could help get you three times the settlement in your truck accident case than if you tried dealing with the insurance adjusters yourself?

Speaking With Insurance People After Your Car / Truck Accident

Lemme tell you a story about Dan – Dan got into an accident with a truck and afterwards, while still in the hospital, Dan got a call from a really nice-sounding insurance adjuster who asked politely if Dan could answer a few simple questions about the accident. The person seemed pleasant so Dan told the adjuster everything he could remember at the time. What Dan didn’t know was that this insurance adjuster, who was working for the trucking company’s insurance carrier, was asking certain types of questions and fishing for certain types of answers that would help to strengthen the case against Dan – and reduce the amount of settlement money that Dan was legally entitled to – money he needed to fix his car and heal his body.

A personal injury lawyer will usually advise you to NOT speak with the insurance adjusters yourself after your truck accident. Let us take care of that stuff. Let us get to the bottom of what happened to you and protect your rights. Give us a call and we’ll open an investigation right away and figure out:

  • if the truck owner or driver was negligent
  • if there were an equipment defects or bad repairs to the truck
  • if there’s any other parties that may be liable for what happened to you

You never need to feel guilty or bad about having your rights upheld. When you stand up for yourself, others can benefit as well, this is how our country works.

If You Were in an Accident With a Truck While In Your Car – We Can Help

Call Friedman Law here in Nebraska at 800-220-9990 and we’ll do the best we can to give you the help you need. We won’t ever charge you if your car/truck accident case is not won or settled.