A Nebraska man has been declared dead after a car accident that happened one recent afternoon. Another vehicle was involved, but that driver was only slightly injured and was treated at the scene. Police say they are still investigating the car accident to determine if one of the drivers had been drinking or speeding.

Police say the 68-year-old man driving an SUV collided head-on with the driver of a pickup truck. A report on the incident said one driver crossed into the lane of the other but did not indicate which of the two drivers was at fault. The driver of the SUV was wearing his seatbelt, but the pickup truck was the larger of the two vehicles, and it demolished the front of the SUV.

While fault has not yet been publicly established, this is the type of case that could be ripe for a wrongful death lawsuit. If blame is found to rest with the driver of the pickup truck, the family of the deceased driver of the SUV would be within their rights to file a suit against him. Money to cover funeral expenses, medical bills associated with the accident and emotional suffering can all be sought in the suit.

A lot of information has yet to be determined about this car accident. Any information uncovered by investigators could help determine in what direction any legal action might go. As with any case, finding a knowledgeable professional will help those in Nebraska facing similar situations in seeking the most favorable outcome. 

Source: flatheadnewsgroup.com, “Nebraska man killed in C-Falls crash”, Ryan Murray, June 8, 2015