Winter in Nebraska can be a rough time of the year, especially when ice, snow and sleet shower the state. To prevent car accidents, drivers must remain vigilant, and they must also maintain their vehicles properly to avoid problems. Many times, authorities suggest that drivers stay off of Nebraska highways when wintry weather gets particularly treacherous; however, this is not always possible and sometimes leads to car accidents.

A recent bout of freezing rain across the eastern part of Nebraska led to 24 reported car accidents over a short period during one Tuesday morning. One incident proved to be fatal. Others left drivers and passengers injured, including a two-vehicle car accident in which both women required medical treatment and were reported as sustaining wounds that were serious in nature.

Certainly, the condition of the roadways contributed to many of the winter accidents. Regardless, those who were innocent victims of crashes caused by drivers operating their vehicles without regard for the road conditions may wish to pursue legal actions against the drivers who acted negligently. This type of civil lawsuit could help those who were injured pay for medical expenses, recover lost wages and obtain compensation for other expenses directly related to the crashes.

The key to pursuing personal injury lawsuits after being in car accidents is not to wait too long. There is a statue of limitations in the state of Nebraska that limits the amount of time an injured party has to file a claim. Even while waiting for a police report, other steps toward starting the process can be taken by a legal professional to ensure that the personal injury claim is filed in a timely fashion.

Source:, “‘Multiple accidents,’ 1 fatal, after roads turn icy“, Jay Withrow, Mar. 3, 2015