Regardless of who is at fault, Nebraska workers who have suffered injuries while they were on duty are entitled to pursue compensation for medical and other expenses related to workplace accidents. While some employers or insurers pay valid benefit claims without hesitation, many workers face denied benefits and have to fight for fair compensation. The best way to pursue compensation may be to utilize the services of a professional who has a thorough understanding of the applicable laws and can apply the knowledge to benefit the injured worker.

A truck driver in another state has been suffering chronic pain since he was injured in an accident in 2013. He described the freak accident that occurred when he was driving a tanker containing crude oil in the line of duty. He says the rear axle of a truck ahead of him became detached and got jammed underneath his tanker truck. He apparently lost control of the vehicle and went over the edge of a bridge.

Realizing the imminent explosion of the crude oil, the driver, who was already covered in flames and oil, kicked out the front windshield to provide an exit. He jumped 70 feet down and suffered severe injuries. He lost consciousness and remained in a coma for more than two months. His injuries included a fractured pelvis that is still causing him a lot of pain. He asserts that the insurance company refused to authorize physical therapy, and, when doctors recommended a special bed to provide comfortable sleep after his injuries, this was also denied.

It is alleged that the insurance company accused the worker of not doing enough to bring about improvement in his condition. He contends that he has never met or spoken to any representatives of the insurance company. Severely injured workers in Nebraska who are facing denied benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund will likely have many questions. They may be anxious about their futures and their inability to financially provide for their families. They may find comfort in learning that there are experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to assist them in following up denied claims.

Source:, “Crash survivor in big rig explosion fighting for workers’ comp“, Adam Herbets, May 6, 2015