It isn’t unusual to hear about accident reports and corresponding personal injuries throughout Nebraska. However, it’s always eye-opening when the allegedly responsible party turns out to be someone almost 100 years old. While there is no hard and fast rule about people this age being able to drive, the question as to whether age could be considered a factor in a crash that results in injuries and was caused by a driver in his 90s is an interesting one to consider.

For instance, take a recent traffic accident from southeast Nebraska. This accident was ostensibly caused by a 98-year-old male driver who was trying to turn left along a roadway. He proceeded to make his turn, but did not notice that a Jeep was coming into his path. The driver of the Jeep ended up hitting the vehicle of the 98-year-old, causing an event that temporarily halted traffic on the street.

Fortunately, no one was killed as a result of the collision. With that being said, three people — both drivers and a passenger in the Jeep — were taken for medical attention. They were all reported as being in serious condition by authorities who are studying the accident scene.

If the elderly driver whom police think may have caused the incident becomes the defendant in a personal injury lawsuit brought against him by those who were in the Jeep, his age might be brought into question. This would probably require an in-depth look into his judgment and abilities. The legal process would also include a thorough investigation into the injuries sustained, as well as any expenses directly related to the accident, by the victims in the Jeep. Through a settlement or court judgment, a monetary award would go to the plaintiffs to cover any losses stemming from the incident.

Source:, “Motorist, 98, among 3 injured in SE Nebraska crash“, Jay Withrow, Apr. 20, 2015