As every Nebraska driver is cautioned from the time he or she first learns to operate a motor vehicle, it is critical to remain at the scene of a crash. Nevertheless, many drivers choose to leave the scene without remaining to offer aid and to wait for law enforcement personnel to arrive. In one recent crash, a driver who apparently caused a fatal accident attempted to put distance between himself and the scene. Fortunately for police, a good Samaritan tracked him down, enabling legal authorities to charge him for his role in the fatal accident.

According to reports, the crash occurred when a driver crashed his speeding car into another vehicle.  That vehicle then careened from its lane into opposing traffic, directly into the path of another vehicle. Eyewitnesses suggest that the man believed responsible was driving excessively fast, a factor which appears to have made it unlikely that the woman driving the vehicle that was rear-ended could have avoided the collision.

At this point, the man is said to have sped away. Another driver who had witnessed the fatal accident followed him and eventually cornered the first driver after the driver pulled into a parking space. Nebraska police were then called, and the driver was charged with leaving the scene. There is some indication that he may have been intoxicated at the time of the collision.

The woman who was hit was pronounced dead as a result of the fatal accident. There is no word on her next-of-kin, but surviving family members will have the right to file a  lawsuit for wrongful death in a Nebraska civil court. In similar circumstances, personal injury case settlements and awards have helped victims’ loved ones move forward financially after dealing with the tragedy of losing someone close to them in a fatal motor vehicle accident. 

Source:, “Woman killed in hit-and-run crash Sunday afternoon“, Dave Roberts, Mar. 30, 2015