It isn’t unusual to hear about a car accident somewhere in Nebraska on a regular basis, and many people may be injured as a result of the incident. Those victims may then seek compensation from the person believed responsible for the crash to seek recovery of their related expenses and other financial losses. Sometimes, the individual deemed to have been responsible died in the car accident, in which case victims still have the option to pursue a lawsuit against the estate of the deceased driver.

In one recent Nebraska crash, a driver who was traveling westward veered off the road. According to reports, he steered his car across a median and ended in the eastward lane. Because of this sudden change in course, his car ended up in the way of an oncoming vehicle.

His car struck the oncoming vehicle, and that driver suffered injuries that were serious enough to require immediate treatment at a medical facility via a life flight helicopter. The driver of the vehicle that veered over the median was pronounced dead. Authorities are now piecing together what led up to the two-vehicle crash.

There is no word as to the condition of the driver whose vehicle was hit during the car accident. Depending upon the severity of his injuries, he could need surgery and/or physical therapy, as well as other kinds of ongoing medical procedures and follow-up visits. He may also incur lost wages. Even though the driver who ran into his vehicle is deceased, the victim is entitled to initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the driver’s estate. In similar cases, courts have awarded victims a judgment for monetary damages sustained when the evidence documents that the decedent was negligent in a manner that caused or directly contributed to the accident.

Source:, “One dead after crash on West Dodge Road Tuesday night“, Mar. 11, 2015