There is a reason Nebraska law holds drunk drivers responsible for their actions — they put themselves and everyone else on the road in danger. In fact, those who drive while under the influence can cause a fatal accident directly related to their poor choices. When a drunk-driving-related fatal accident occurs, it doesn’t just affect a few people; it often resonates within the entire community as everyone tries to answer the big question: “Why did this happen to an innocent victim?”

Such a victim was a woman who recently was killed when an alleged drunk driver drove his vehicle across a median and into the path of her car.  The driver, whom Nebraska authorities claim had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system, has been charged and will face prison time if he is convicted. In the meantime, the loved ones, neighbors and colleagues of the victim are understandably heartbroken.

According to reports, the victim of this tragic accident exhibited kindness for everyone. A worker in the performing arts, she left behind a husband, her parents, a sister and several stepchildren. Those family members must now continue without her presence in their lives, which is difficult to do, especially when they believe the driver considered responsible for her death should never have gotten behind the wheel of his car in the first place.

The individual deemed responsible for this collision is being held on a quarter million dollars bail. He reportedly has a criminal record from incidents in another state; these records include prior convictions for drunk driving. While it remains to be seen how he will be sentenced, the victim’s family will have to live with the consequences of the fatal accident. If they wish, they may choose to pursue a civil lawsuit in an effort to seek compensation. Nothing can bring back their wife, daughter, sister and mother, but willing, this type of lawsuit can provide them with monies to offset the expenses related to the terrible crash.

Source:, “Crash victim recalled as ‘good-hearted’; $250K bail set for driver in fatal hit-and-run“, Kevin Cole, April 2, 2015