Being able to walk away from a head-on collision with minor injuries can always be considered a positive outcome. However, even minor injuries can require medical attention that can affect a victim financially. For every wreck in Nebraska in which people are hurt, medical expenses are sure to follow. 

An example of a victim sustaining limited injuries in a head-on crash can be found in the report of a recent Nebraska accident that happened on Newberry Access Road in Lincoln County. During this incident, a female driver got behind the wheel of a car after apparently having consumed alcohol, and possibly drugs, earlier in the day. This was her fourth arrest for driving while intoxicated.

After leaving her parking place, she drove eastbound. According to Nebraska officials, she started to rummage through her purse for her phone. This took her eyes off the road, and she crossed into oncoming traffic, striking a van. The van’s driver was taken to a nearby facility for medical treatment and later released.

The victim may feel that some justice has been done because the intoxicated driver has been jailed for her crime. However, unless a personal injury suit is filed against the driver responsible for the wreck, the victim may find him or herself financially burdened due to the accident. Additionally, he or she may find that there are other expenses related to the incident, including lost wages or property damage. A personal injury suit can assist in securing compensation for injured victims so that they are not facing financial struggles after accidents caused by negligence.

Source:, “Head-on crash ends with arrest“, Liz McCue, April 7, 2015