When you’ve been in a motorcycle accident your life can be completely turned upside down. Then when you think things can’t get worse, your own insurance company offers you an amount you don’t think is going to quite cover your expenses for time off work and to replace your motorcycle, not to mention the doctor bills that are piling up. 

Why Would You Need a Lawyer When You Have Insurance?

Even your own insurance company is trained to give you as little as possible. Sometimes just getting a letter from an experienced law firm can help get you way more for your damages. It’s not likely that they’ll push you to go to court, and most cases settle getting you 3x more money for your damages within about 3 months. But they don’t want to just give you what you’re owed even when you have been paying your coverage all this time.

When do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

You know you need a motorcycle accident lawyer when the accident is not your fault and you feel that you’re not getting enough help from your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company.

Being in an accident is hard. If you need help call us anytime to talk to a real person who can determine if you have a case.