Getting in a car accident is scary. We depend on our cars for just about everything. And if you’ve been hurt that makes it so much worse. Now you have to deal with healing and trying to get your life back on track. 

In the normal course of events, we believe our own insurance company, who we’ve been paying for years, is going to help us get completely back on track. Our insurance companies are friendly on the phone and do what they can, but their job literally changes once we’ve been hurt or our property has been damaged. Sometimes they offer us a good settlement but often they do not.

It is the insurance companies that have done a good job of making you think that having a lawyer protect your rights is a bad idea with negative ad campaigns against lawyers. Without injury lawyers, there would be no one to protect the rights of people against companies.

What should you do when you’ve been in a car accident in Lincoln Nebraska?

An insurance company’s job is to give you as little as possible for your damages. Calling an experienced law firm is your first step. They will not ask you for any money up front and do not get paid unless your case wins or settles.

What You Don’t Know about Your Insurance Company

Often the insurance company plays a game of “cat and mouse” with the law firm. Sometimes they wait until the last minute to settle hoping the law firm doesn’t have the ability to take your case to trial. The firms that are prepared will usually get you more for your settlement, in fact an insurance company study shows that with an experienced law firm you’ll get 3x more money in your pocket when all is said and done.

Getting money is not everything. In fact most people who have been in an accident feel guilty about asking for the money that will make them whole again. But the law states that you should be “made whole” again. You should lose nothing from your accident.

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