Truck accidents can result from a multitude of factors.  When the truck accident involves living freight, containing and clearing out the wreck often becomes difficult and costly. This was the case in a recent Nebraska collision.

The event occurred on Christmas Eve and ultimately closed off the intersection of two well-traveled highways for hours. According to authorities, a man was operating a semi that pulled a trailer occupied by close to 200 pigs. He was reportedly driving in a westerly direction when he pulled in front of another semi that had a trailer filled with an unknown quantity of grain. The second semi was also driven by a male, and his semi crashed into the first.

As a result of the wreck, the pigs escaped from the trailer of the first semi, which eventually caught fire. The driver of the second semi that was carrying grain had to be taken to a medical facility for treatment for his injuries. The other driver refused any medical treatment by emergency personnel.

After clearing the debris from the truck accident and catching the pigs that were walking around the highway, Nebraska authorities once again opened the thoroughfare to traffic. In the meantime, the livestock that had fled the accident scene were found with the help of authorities and the community. There has been no update as to the condition of the driver who was hospitalized. In similar circumstances, victims of this type of crash often seek legal assistance to learn more about how a civil lawsuit — apart from any workers’ compensation benefits that may be payable — potentially help them obtain financial compensation for their injuries and related damages.

Source:, “Hogs run on highway following accident“, Dec. 26, 2014