For those who work on Nebraska farms, dealing with both mechanical and non-mechanical equipment and other items is a daily task. However, even individuals who have great familiarity with their jobs are at risk of serious injury. Sometimes, that serious injury can be traced back to a defective or flawed product. Consequently, every farm-related incident is typically investigated thoroughly to determine the underlying cause of any injuries suffered.

In the case of a Nebraska farm accident, the victim was a 65-year-old male who died because of the wounds he suffered. The tragedy occurred during a weekday afternoon when he and a colleague were loading alfalfa bales onto a truck. According to the local sheriff’s office, three of the alfalfa bales fell, knocking the victim onto the ground.

Emergency crews were sent to the site and immediately took the victim to a nearby hospital. It is unknown whether treatment occurred en route to the medical facility before the staff pronounced him dead. There is no word as to whether the other worker was also injured when the alfalfa bales toppled.

There has been no announcement as to what caused the incident to occur. If it is found that the equipment was not well-designed, or that safety features were defective, the victim’s family might wish to assess the viability of pursuing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the equipment their loved one was using at the time of this serious injury that ultimately proved to be fatal. While the family is likely entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits as a result of this workplace fatality, they may also have the right to pursue legal claims against any third party whose negligence caused or substantially contributed to the loss of the man’s life.

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