A common result of two-vehicle accidents is that at least one party suffers from injuries sustained during the crash. The sheer force of the impact can throw the human body in a multitude of directions, depending upon where the impact occurs, the speed involved and other factors. It is hardly surprising that so many Nebraska headlines regarding car, SUV, truck and motorcycle accidents include mentions of injuries.

A recent accident in Kearney County supports this reality. According to reports, a male teenager was driving a mid-sized automobile and stopped at an intersection. After completing his stop, he continued driving despite the fact that a van driven by a 56-year-old man was reportedly heading into his path.

The vehicles collided, resulting in injuries that sent both drivers to area hospitals, albeit different ones. The trauma they experienced has been described as serious. However, there are no available descriptions of the drivers’ injuries to give a better understanding of the extent of their physical wounds.  

At this point, Nebraska authorities will no doubt investigate the crash to determine fault. In the meantime, representatives of both parties who suffered injuries may wish to consider seeking legal assistance. If fault can be proved, one of the parties may be entitled to receive compensation to cover expenses related to the accident. The compensation can help cover medical bills, pain and suffering, physical therapy, lost wages, and other similar expenditures. Many times, personal injury cases of this kind never even reach trial as settlements are often a more desirable conclusion.

Source: omaha.com, “Minden teen, Hastings man injured in Kearney County crash“, Jay Withrow, Dec. 24, 2014