Fortunately, not every car wreck results in fatalities. However, when drivers, passengers or pedestrians are killed as a direct result of a wreck, it is important for victims’ loved ones to realize that they have options. Specifically, the Nebraska courts offer them the opportunity to pursue legal means to obtain compensation for their family members’ deaths.

An accident occurred on a weekend evening in mid-December when a male driver and his male passenger were traveling in a minivan on a Nebraska state highway. According to the authorities, the driver neglected to heed a stop sign at an intersection. After allegedly ignoring the stop sign and proceeding through the intersection, the vehicle the men were in was hit by an SUV driven by a female. The woman’s vehicle struck the van’s passenger side near the door. Before coming to a rest, both the van and the SUV wound up in a ditch near the intersection where they collided. 

The van’s passenger was killed by the impact. The van’s driver was taken to a nearby medical center and is said to be in critical condition. The driver of the SUV also received treatment for her injuries, but has since been released from the hospital. Authorities believe that alcohol may have played a part in the accident, but no further information has been released.

This car wreck may leave the van’s driver facing charges if it is determined that he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. Regardless of whether he ends up being charged, the female victim may choose to pursue a personal injury claim if she believes his negligence caused her injuries. In addition, the deceased victim’s family members may choose to pursue wrongful death compensation for the loss of their loved one. The success of any claims made against the van’s driver will depend upon the plaintiffs providing evidence of negligence in a Nebraska civil court.

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