A fatal accident does not always result in the immediate death of the victim. Many people involved in crashes in Nebraska are injured severely and taken for emergency medical treatment. Sometimes, that treatment cannot save them, turning a crash into a fatal accident.

In Omaha, a senior citizen who was hit almost a month prior succumbed to the injuries that left her in a Nebraska medical facility. The incident that took her life occurred when the male driver of a minivan hit the woman’s car head-on. The woman and her passenger were both hurt.

Reports indicate that the cause of the wreck may have been a combination of icy roadways and speeding. Although it is not known how fast the driver of the minivan was going, authorities have noted that it was too fast for the road conditions. He was cited, although the ticket was later dismissed in lieu of his going to traffic school.

At this point, there is no word as to whether criminal charges are being sought against him in what has become a fatal accident. Even if he is never charged criminally, the victim’s surviving family members may wish to consider legal means to seek restitution. These wrongful death lawsuits often settle out of court. If the case does go to trial, a judge could award the victim’s loved ones a sum of money commensurate with any financial losses as a direct result of the tragedy. Once liability is established, the court will proceed to adjudicate specific claims for monetary damages sustained.

Source: journalstar.com, “Omaha woman dies nearly month after crash“, Dec. 23, 2014