Car accidents happen every day in Nebraska. When those accidents result in fatality, families are left devastated. When a loved one is taken in such a sudden and unexpected way, it is completely understandable for surviving family members to have questions and a need for closure. If negligence is suspected in contributing to a crash, a wrongful death claim may offer legal recourse for the decedent’s family.

At the beginning of November, a 30-year-old woman from Milford was injured in a car crash. Her van was apparently struck by a pickup truck driven by a 45-year-old woman. The driver of the van was transported to a medical center where she died about a week after the accident. She left behind a husband and four small children.

The driver of the pickup was also killed. She was apparently pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. Little was disclosed about this individual, though reports say she was from Lincoln.

Officers have not released any information regarding the official cause of the crash. If it is found that negligence played a part, the victim’s family would be within their rights to file a wrongful death claim and any associated survival actions in a Nebraska civil court. Even though the driver deemed responsible for this accident did not survive the crash, legal claims can be filed against her estate and anyone else with an ownership interest in the pickup truck. If negligence is properly established in court, financial relief may be awarded to the victim’s family for the monetary losses incurred due to this terrible event.

Source:, “Milford woman dies a week after accident“, Nov. 10, 2014