Semi-trucks are vital vehicles in the nation’s massive economy, and they share the roads that are traveled by standard vehicles every day. However, when one of these massive trucks is involved in a collision with a standard vehicle, it can have severe consequences for those involved. Unfortunately, one truck crash in Nebraska recently injured several people.

The accident took place on the morning of Oct. 20 and involved one standard car and a semi-truck. Initial investigations did not make the cause of the accident clear. However, police suspected that the driver of the semi-truck attempted to turn in front of the vehicle, which caused the two vehicles to collide. Police stated that the vehicle sustained severe damage to its front end.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident soon after it took place and transported three injured individuals to the hospital. The current condition of these individuals is unknown at this time. The collision is still under investigation by Nebraska police, but neither driver has been charged at this time.

Once the police have finished their investigation of the truck crash, those injured may seek to rely upon the gathered evidence to seek monetary compensation. These types of accidents can be very traumatic, and for that reason, victims typically suffer emotional pain along with the physical injuries. This could mean that the individual must take time off from work to focus on their full recovery. Any compensation awarded, which must be based upon proof of another party’s negligence, could provide restitution for hospital bills, lost income from missed employment and other damages recognized by Nebraska personal injury laws.

Source:, “Three injured in semi/car accident“, Oct. 20, 2014