Tractor-trailer trucks are essential for companies that ship goods in the United States, and these vehicles are generally safe for those on the roads. However, when a driver blatantly disregards posted traffic signs, chaos can rapidly ensue. Negligent driving can quickly create a collision, which can then leave those involved seriously injured or even killed. Unfortunately, one semi truck accident caused the death of two people in Nebraska.

The accident took place on the morning of Aug. 28 just after 5 a.m. and involved one tractor-trailer and a standard vehicle. Initial investigations showed police that the driver of the truck ran a stop sign and plowed into the SUV that the victims were occupying. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident soon after it took place, but sadly two of the victims were pronounced deceased.

Two other victims, the son and daughter of the deceased individuals, were flown to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. Their current condition are unknown at this time, but no other injuries were reported. The truck driver was arrested by Nebraska police after the accident.

Regardless of whether or not formal charges are brought against the driver for his or her involvement in the semi truck accident, if negligence or recklessness is proven, the family of the deceased victims and the injured victims may have the right to file civil claims to seek monetary compensation. Compensation may help alleviate the family’s pain and could help with medical and end-of-life expenses. It may also give the family a small sense of justice.

Source:, “Hastings couple killed, 2 children hurt in crash“, , Aug. 29. 2015