Fatal accidents involving trucks occur every day in the United States, an average of 11 per day nationwide. That means that 11 times every day families are torn apart by the tragic event of losing a loved one, including one Iowa family that recently felt the pain caused by such an accident. This particular family lost two little boys, but with a total of 4,000 fatalities every year, many families feel this same pain. However, semi truck accident deaths may not be getting the publicity that they may need, especially in Nebraska.

Semi trucks are one of the major ways that goods are transported across the United States, which can make the government wary about regulating the trucking companies, as it could have a major impact on hundreds of businesses. The trucking industry is already in trouble, as they have almost 35,000 unfilled jobs nationwide. This could mean that companies try to avoid firing any driver, as the driver who caused the accident in Iowa had had seven warnings prior to the accident.

The cause of these numerous accidents each year is controversial as well. Some state that faulty brakes are the main cause for these collisions, but others are convinced that the accidents are caused by the drivers, not mechanical error. Whatever the cause of these accidents, something needs to be done before more families feel the emotional agony of losing a loved one.

Hopefully, reform will soon begin to happen in Nebraska and the rest of the United States. Reform of any type could help lower the number of semi truck accident deaths, and the number of injuries. This could mean that numerous families would be saved from the turmoil of suddenly losing a family member. In the meantime, those who have been injured or have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a driver in such an accident have the right to file a claim for restitution.

Source: cnbc.com, “Truck accidents surge: Why no national outcry?“, Eamon Javers and Jennifer Schlesinger, July 30, 2014