Fatal car accidents can be very emotional for the families of the deceased victims, as the sudden loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult to handle. However, if the driver at-fault attempts to flee the scene of the accident, it can be even more difficult for the families to find closure. Unfortunately, one car accident in Nebraska recently resulted in three deaths.

The accident took place on July 27 at around 2 a.m. and involved two motor vehicles. The collision occurred after the first vehicle ran a red light while speeding and in turn struck the second vehicle. The driver of the first vehicle then fled the scene, but he was later found by police at a local home.

Three of the passengers in the second vehicle — a 21-year-old and two 26-year-olds — were killed during the accident. The driver of that vehicle was still in the hospital, but his or her current condition was unknown. A fourth person from that vehicle had been released from the hospital after receiving treatment. The driver of the first vehicle was arrested by Nebraska police after he was found.

Regardless of whether the driver is charged for his role in the car accident, the families of the deceased victims may have the right to seek monetary compensation for the loss of life they have experienced. Compensation could help these families focus on recovering, as it could be used to pay for any of the final expenses of the deceased victims. The two injured victims from the accident may also consider filing personal injury claims against the responsible party.

Source: nebraska.tv, “Wichita man accused in collision that killed 3”, , July 28, 2014