Driving while under the influence of alcohol can often lead to the creation of dangerous situations and even serious accidents. The impaired judgment that an intoxicated person has does not allow them to operate a motor vehicle safely which can in turn endanger those in the vehicle and surrounding vehicles as well. Accidents caused by a drunk driver can sometimes seriously injure or even kill those involved, even if the driver is uninjured. One man was finally sentenced in Nebraska for the fatal accident that he caused last year that killed one man.

The accident occurred on Aug. 19, 2013 after the driver was driving in a reckless manner and lost control. Witnesses reported that the man was weaving in and out of traffic when he lost control, struck the median and collided with another vehicle. The victim was ejected from the vehicle after it struck the median, and then passed away.

The driver was taken to the hospital, but was released into the custody of Nebraska police the same day of the accident. The driver faced with a slew of charges, and was recently convicted. They were sentenced to 18 to 20 years of prison and cannot drive for 15 years after that.

Even though the driver was found guilty for the fatal accident, the family of the deceased victim may feel that another form of justice is deserved. Monetary compensation can sometimes give the family this sense of justice, and can allow the family to start recovering from their tragic loss. Compensation could be used by the family to pay for any of the victim’s final expenses and relieve the stress that these bills can cause.

Source: The Grand Island Independent, “Man gets 18-20 years in prison for fatal crash“, Sarah Schulz, June 26, 2014