Car accidents are often serious enough to cause damage to the vehicles, but not serious enough to cause physical injuries to the occupants. However, when accidents are severe enough to cause serious injuries, they can often inhibit the abilities of the victims and even impact their daily lives. Unfortunately, one car accident in Nebraska recently injured four different people.

The accident occurred on the afternoon of July 9 at around 2:45 p.m. and involved two sports utility vehicles. The accident took place after the driver of the first vehicle pulled away from a stop sign and was struck on the passenger side by the second vehicle. This caused the first vehicle to run onto the lawn of a nearby house.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident and transported the injured victims to the hospital, but their current conditions are unknown at this time. The driver of the first vehicle, a 16-year-old, and his two passengers, 11 and 13, were transported with the driver of the second vehicle, who was 34 years old. The accident is currently under investigation by Nebraska police.

Depending on the outcome of any investigation, the injured victims have the right to seek financial relief from the party or parties deemed responsible for their injuries from the car accident. Any compensation achieved from a successfully litigated claim could help cover the expenses that invariably result from accidents of this nature. This could allow the injured individuals to focus on recuperating rather than worrying about having the money to pay for the cost of medical care and rehabilitation.

Source: Columbus Telegram, “2 drivers, 2 passengers hurt in city collision“, Jim Osborn, July 10, 2014