18-wheeler trucks are often a popular way for large companies to ship their goods across the United States; however, the drivers of these trucks may not always be the most aware and alert drivers if their company requires extensive driving time from them. Whether these drivers are in Nebraska or any other location in America, the those driving around these massive vehicles can be in serious danger if the truck driver is not aware of their surroundings. Unfortunately, one semi truck accident in New Jersey recently left the well-known comedian Tracy Morgan with serious injuries.

The accident, which occurred recently and involved six vehicles, was caused by a truck driver who prosecutors say went without sleep for at least 24 hours before the accident took place. The driver struck the back of the van in which Tracy Morgan was riding, which in turn struck four other motor vehicles. Mr. Morgan received multiple injuries from the accident and was transported to the hospital. Two other occupants of the van were also injured, and one person in the van was killed.

Morgan was still in critical condition as of June 9, but he was considered stable by medical personnel. The current conditions of the other injured occupants of the van are unknown at this time. The accident is still being investigated by police.

Unfortunately, accidents of this nature happen every day in Nebraska and the rest of the United States. However, after they do occur, those injured in a semi truck accident sometimes have the option of seeking monetary compensation for their injuries. Victims can use this compensation to pay for any hospital bills and other expenses resulting from such an accident.

Source: The New York Times, “Driver Charged in Crash Involving Tracy Morgan Had Not Slept in 24 Hours, Prosecutors Say“, J. David Goodman, June 9, 2014