Car accidents that injure those involved can be emotionally trying for all the individuals in the accident, but the family of the victim can feel emotional pain for an extended period of time if a victim is killed. These types of emotional wounds can last much longer than physical injuries, and impact the life of the injured person or surviving relatives greatly. One man recently pleaded not guilty to several counts of vehicular homicide that stemmed from a fatal accident in Nebraska.

The accident took place on April 28 and involved one vehicle which was transporting several men to a worksite. The crash occurred after the driver lost control of the vehicle, ran off the road and then rolled. This caused nine of the occupants to be ejected from the vehicle, which killed three of the victims.

The victims were 41-year-old, 29-year-old and 24-year-old men who were in the SUV at the time of the accident. It is unknown what the injuries of the other workers were after the accident. The defendant, a 21-year-old man, faces the charge of misdemeanor vehicular homicide for the deaths in the Nebraska accident.

Even if the defendant is not found guilty for his involvement in the fatal accident, the families of the deceased victims may have the right to seek monetary compensation. The loss of a loved one, especially in an unexpected accident, can be an emotionally trying time for the family. Compensation could allow the family to have time to focus on coming to terms with their tragic loss instead of worrying about related expenses.

Source:, “Man pleads not guilty in 3 crash deaths“, , June 12, 2014