Nebraska Injury Lawyer Herb Friedman Answers This Important Question:
What is a deposition? WATCH VIDEO: 

Injury Lawyer Herb Friedman Explains Depositions in Nebraska:

If you file an injury claim in Nebraska, it is important to know what a deposition is, because chances are, you will be deposed at some point. A deposition is basically like an interview where experts and lawyers from both sides can ask you all kinds of questions. It’s basically the same as being on the witness stand in the courtroom, the only difference is that you’re not in a courtroom. Your answers will be recorded, possibly even videotaped, and taken in as evidence for your case. You are under oath during a deposition so you have to make sure and give honest and accurate answers to all questions asked!

Your deposition is the most important part of your case. Don’t worry – your Nebraska Injury Lawyer will spend a good deal of time with you prior to the deposition preparing you for what kinds of questions will be asked.

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