Semi-trucks are a popular way for companies to ship goods in the United States, but if they are involved in an accident, it can result in serious injuries or even death for all that are involved. However, it is not always the semi driver that causes the accident, and sometimes the negligent driving of a regular automobile can cause a catastrophic accident. One car accident in Nebraska recently killed multiple people and injured one.

The accident took place on May 20 at around 9 a.m. and involved two semis and an SUV. The accident occurred after the driver of the SUV ran a stop sign and collided with the first semi-truck. This resulted in another semi-truck colliding with the two vehicles, which set fire to all three automobiles.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident soon after it took place, pronounced three of the individuals deceased and transported one to the hospital. The three deceased victims were the driver of the first semi-truck and the two occupants of the SUV. The current condition of the driver of the second semi is unknown at this time.

Even though the driver of the SUV that is believed to have caused the Nebraska car accident is deceased, the injured victim and the family of the deceased victim may have the right to seek monetary compensation in a civil lawsuit. Compensation could be used to pay the various bills that each party may have accrued from the accident. This could allow the family as well as the victim to focus on recovering instead of new bills.

Source:, “Stanton County Crash Victims Identified”, , May 22, 2014