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What’s the minimum amount of liability insurance you need to protect yourself in case a car accident happens in Nebraska? WATCH VIDEO:

There’s a minimum amount of money you need to spend on car insurance in Nebraska. Injury Lawyer Herb Friedman explains:

Say you get into a car accident in Nebraska and it’s your fault. It happens to most everybody at some point. Say there is damage to the other vehicle, or injuries such as whiplash, to the passengers of the other vehicle. What kind of insurance do you need in Nebraska that will cover these damages to the other person’s vehicle without making you pay out of pocket?

You Need What’s Called “Liability Insurance”, Says Nebraska Injury Lawyer Herb Friedman

Basic Liability Insurance is what pays for the damages you cause to the other driver if you are at-fault in a car accident. The more coverage you buy, the less you pay out of pocket for damages. If you have total coverage, you will even be reimbursed for damages to your own vehicle. But that’s another story. Today we’re just talking about how much car insurance you need in Nebraska to protect yourself against another driver’s claim against you.

What’s the Minimum Amount of Insurance Coverage Nebraska Law Requires and How Much Does an Injury Lawyer Recommend You Have?

The minimum amount is 25,000 dollars worth of Liability Insurance, but Nebraska Injury lawyers think this amount is far too low. A Nebraska Injury lawyer recommends you carry at least 250,000 dollars worth for your own protection.

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