Negligent drivers can cause accidents every day that injure the victims emotionally and physically, but when a driver attempts to leave the scene of an accident, this can cause even more emotional trauma for the victims. Emotional pain can inhibit a victim’s ability to heal hit or her physical wounds and can prolong recovery time. Unfortunately, a car accident in Nebraska recently injured two individuals.

The accident took place on the morning of May 2 at around 8 a.m. and involved two vehicles. The incident occurred after the driver of the first vehicle turned left and pulled out in front of another vehicle, which it collided with. The driver of the first vehicle then attempted to flee the scene of the accident with one of his passengers.

The accident injured two people — the driver of the second car and a passenger in the first — but their current conditions are unknown. The driver of the first car was not injured in the accident and supposedly told Nebraska police that he was not driving the car that was in the accident. Police charged the man with leaving the accident scene.

Regardless of whether the man is found guilty for the charges brought against him, the victims of the car accident may have the right to seek monetary compensation for their injuries. Compensation could be used by the victims to pay for any hospital bills that are received because of the injuries suffered in the collision. Hopefully the injured victims will be able to fully recover and return to their normal lives in a timely manner.

Source:, “20-year-old man accused of leaving injury crash : Journal Star Breaking News“, , May 5, 2014