Car accidents that injure or kill their victims are tragic; however, those that take the lives of children are often considered much more devastating than other accidents. Many consider the life of a child to be more precious than almost anything else, and it is therefore one of the most tragic ocurrences. Unfortunately, a car accident in Nebraska recently caused the wrongful death of a young boy.

The accident took place on the night of Feb. 17 just before 5:20 p.m. and involved two vehicles. The accident apparently occurred after the two vehicles were driving east and south and collided at an intersection. It was reported that there is neither a stop sign nor a red light at the intersection, but drivers are still supposed to yield to oncoming traffic.

The deceased victim was a nine-year-old boy who was riding with his babysitter at the time of the accident. The babysitter was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries, while the condition of the other driver is unknown at this time. The accident is still under investigation, but no citations have been issued.

Once investigations of the fatal accident are completed by Nebraska police, the parents of the young victim may choose to seek monetary compensation for the wrongful death of their son. Compensation could be used to cover any final expenses of the boy or any other financial hardships the family may be going through. Hopefully, this could allow the parents to focus on recovery and slowly come to terms with their tragic loss.

Source:, 9-year-old Kearney boy dies in crash, No author, Feb. 19, 2014