GM Wasn’t the Only One at Fault for Brooke’s Death. Nebraska Auto Accident Lawyer Reveals Truth:

Brooke almost died 4 days before her 29th birthday. She was driving her 2005 Chevy Cobalt when the power steering and the brakes suddenly shut off. She was able to narrowly avoid an accident and got the car towed to the local dealership where they serviced it and told Brooke the problem had been fixed.

Little did Brooke know at the time that this false statement would take her life. Nebraska Auto Accident Lawyer tells what happened next:

On the night of her birthday, she was driving home doing 58 mph on a small country road when her car brakes and power steering once again shut down and Brooke lost control and careened into a ditch. The accident was fatal. In the investigation, it was discovered that the same problem that the dealership had claimed to be fixed, happened again the night of Brooke’s death.

Brooke’s parents called an Auto Accident Lawyer who found out that there were more parties at fault that it originally seemed. You won’t believe who was responsible and the low cost to fix it:

In the lawsuit, the Auto Accident Lawyer discovered that GM, the manufacturer of the car, was aware of the malfunction way before Brooke was killed by it. According to a memo from 2005, the problem was never fixed because redesigning the ignition switch that failed Brooke that night would have cost GM 90 cents per car.

Now the Melton’s are not only wondering why GM failed to provide them and the rest of us with a safe vehicle, but also why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the government entity responsible for regulating auto safety, failed in cracking down on GM for their fatal oversight and forcing them to re-design the faulty ignition switch and recall their unsafe cars. Why would the NHTSA fail to do this? Could lobbying be responsible?

This is why Auto Accident Lawyers are so important in our system.

There has to be someone who will stand by the side of victims and their families holding negligent parties responsible; no matter how large the corporation, or government entity is, and no matter how much money they have.

The Nebraska Auto Accident Lawyers at Friedman Law are proud to be fighting for people and their families who have been hurt by the negligence of big companies and even government entities. If you or a family member has been hurt and think you may have a case, call us and talk to a Nebraska Auto Accident Lawyer for free at 800.220.9990