Accidents that take place on the various interstates that wind through the United States can often be more catastrophic because of the high speeds that are associated with interstates. This can mean that the injuries associated with these accidents are more severe as well, and can change the lives of those who are injured for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, a car accident in Nebraska recently sent one person to the hospital.

The accident took place on Interstate 80 on the afternoon of Feb. 17 and involved two vehicles. The accident, which involved a minivan and SUV, took place in the eastbound lane. One of the vehicles came to a stop upside down in the median of the interstate.

One person was injured in the accident and taken to the hospital, but the current condition of the victim is unknown. The accident backed up traffic in all lanes significantly after it took place. The crash is still under investigation by Nebraska police at this time.

Once the investigation of the car accident is completed by police, the injured victim who was transported to the hospital may have the right to seek monetary compensation if the other driver was at fault. Compensation could be used by the victim to pay for any hospital bills that are received because of the accident and supplement the person’s income if he or she is out of work for a period of time. Hopefully, the victim will be able to focus on recovering from his or her injuries instead of focusing on new bills.

Source:, Interstate Crash, No author, Feb. 17, 2014