Nighttime can be a dangerous time for drivers to be on the road if other drivers are not able to drive safely in the dark. The diminished vision that darkness provides along with the negligence of some drivers can create very dangerous situations that leave victims with serious injuries. Unfortunately, a car accident in Nebraska recently sent multiple people to the hospital.

The accident took place on the night of Feb. 15 and involved two vehicles. Both drivers attempted to swerve and miss the other vehicle but the two still collided. The two drivers and a passenger were taken to the hospital after the collision because of injuries that they received from the accident.

The two drivers were flown by helicopter to the hospital while the passenger was taken by ambulance. The condition of the injured victims is unknown at this time. The accident is being investigated by local police. Alcohol was not thought to a factor in the cause of the collision.

After the Nebraska police finish the investigation of the motor vehicle accident and blame has been assigned, any injured victims may have the right to seek monetary compensation. Compensation could be used by the victims to pay for any medical bills that are received after the car accident, as well as could be a source of income if any individual is out of work. Hopefully, it could also relieve some of the stress that the victims may feel and allow them to focus on healing instead of new bills.

Source: News, Three injured in Cass County Nebraska accident, Tim Wayne, Feb. 16, 2014