Injury Lawyer Answers Questions About Premises Liability in Nebraska:

What is ‘negligence’ in Nebraska injury law and how does it work?
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You’ve just gotten hurt on someone’s property in Nebraska but this doesn’t mean you could get money for your damages. WHAT MAKES THE PROPERTY OWNER LIABLE? Nebraska lawyer explains:

Nebraska Lawyer: Just because you’re injured on someone’s property, this doesn’t mean the owner is liable. If a business or property owner does something unreasonable under the circumstances and you’re injured as a result, then this person could be held responsible for paying for your medical treatment.

BUT there’s a typical argument that the property owner can use against you in your premises liability case. Nebraska lawyer explains “contributory negligence”:

The property owner is always able to argue that the injured person is to blame for the accident. A Nebraska Lawyer would call this “contributory negligence”. The defense could argue that the injured person wasn’t paying attention or not being careful enough. If it is found that the injured person’s inattention was at least 50 percent the cause of the accident, NEBRASKA LAW DOESN’T NOT ALLOW THE INJURED PERSON TO RECOVER A PENNY. In this case, a Nebraska lawyer could not help you.

If you’ve been hurt on someone’s property in Nebraska, it’s always free to talk to an injury lawyer and see if you have a case

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