Injury Lawyer Answers Questions About The Value of a Car Accident Claim in Nebraska:

  • What causes the value of a car accident claim in Nebraska to vary?
  • How much could your case be worth?
  • How much does it cost for representation from a Nebraska Injury Lawyer for your car accident case?
  • Are there any fees up-front?
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You’ve just gotten injured in a car accident in Nebraska and you’re wondering about the potential value of your case. HERE’S THE HONEST ANSWER:

A Nebraska Lawyer will tell you that the value can vary widely. Especially at the beginning of the case. What do insurance companies look for when reviewing car accident cases to figure out what the maximum amount is that they want to pay to settle a case?

The answer is what Nebraska Lawyer Greg Coffey calls Red Flags.

Red Flags are facts in a case that insurance companies know juries will react to.

Red Flags:

Was there much damage to either vehicle? If the damage was minor, insurance companies will believe that any injuries to passengers were minor as well.

Was there a delay in the injured person(s) in receiving medical treatment? Insurance companies will argue that the longer the delay, the more minor the injury and the more likely that the injury was not related to the accident.

After you started medical care, were there any big gaps in treatment or did you miss many appointments? If you go several months without care, they’ll argue that your injuries weren’t serious.

Changing doctors without advancing the level of care. A referral from a family physician to a specialist advances the level of care. But if you go from one physician to another, the insurance companies will question the necessity of it.

Complaining of your pain without doctor’s verification of your pain. If you’re making a lot of pain complaints but don’t have a doctor to back you up, the insurance companies will look at this as being evidence that you’re exaggerating your injuries.

Returning to work right away. Insurance companies will see you as motivated to resume work if you don’t delay in returning to work as soon as you’re able. This adds to your credibility and could increase your case value.

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