Negligence can be a major problem on roads where cars are often driving close together. Traffic mixed with negligence can create hazardous situations that can put everyone involved in danger. These situations often lead to accidents that can leave the victims with serious injuries that have the ability to alter their lives for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, a car accident that took place in Nebraska recently sent multiple people to the hospital.

The accident occurred on Feb. 3 in the afternoon and involved four vehicles. Three of the cars were traveling in the left lane of the road when the first vehicle slowed down to make a left turn. This caused the second vehicle to slow down, the third to hit the second and the second vehicle to hit the first.

Five people were taken to the hospital because of their injuries by ambulance. The extent of their injuries is unknown. The accident is still under investigation, but it is unknown if charges will be filed once the driver that caused the accident is uncovered.

Regardless of whether the driver that caused the car accident is charged with a criminal offense, the Nebraska victims may have the right to seek monetary compensation in a civil court. Compensation could be used by the victims to pay for any hospital bills that resulted because of the accident. This would hopefully allow the victims to focus on healing instead of the stress that often comes from new bills and help them return to their normal routine as soon as possible.

Source: KTIV News, 5 people are sent to the hospital following a chain reaction cra, No author, Feb. 4, 2014