Abiding by the rules of the road is necessary to avoid any kind of traffic incident. Without adherence to proper driving techniques, a driver can make errors that could lead to a fatal accident. Even if the driver who caused a fatal crash was not intentionally trying to harm the other person, Nebraska law is clear that — depending on the underlying facts — the party at fault could be charged criminally and/or civilly.

A prime example of a Nebraska driver who apparently exhibited what has been reported to be poor judgment when driving is a man who was operating a vehicle that collided with a motorcyclist. According to police, the man was driving south on an Omaha street. As he turned, he placed his vehicle in the way of a motorcycle that was moving in a northerly direction.

The biker reportedly tried to swerve out of the way but was unable to avoid a collision. His injuries were severe enough to require at-scene CPR before medical personnel took him to a hospital. It was there that he was pronounced dead. The driver of the vehicle that apparently caused the crash was not hurt.

At this point, criminal charges are pending against the driver for his failure to yield. No other charges, such as speeding or intoxication, are considered to be factors. The family of the victim of this fatal accident has not said whether they are planning to pursue a civil lawsuit to help pay for their loved ones’ relevant end of life expenses and to seek recovery of other financial damages recognized by our laws. This incident marked the third motorcycle fatality in the Omaha community in less than a week.

Source: wowt.com, “UPDATE: Motorcyclist Named in Fatal Crash”, Jan. 20, 2015