The effects of a fatal car accident can have a major emotional impact on the family of the victims who died in the collision. However, many do not think of the months after the accident when some families are thrown into the legal system. The long road leading to justice is not always a nice one and can leave some families in shambles. This road continues for one Amish family who is still awaiting the trial of a woman who supposedly is responsible for the death of one person almost six months ago in a fatal accident in Nebraska.

The accident that occurred in late July involved the woman who is now awaiting trial and a brother and sister who were riding in a horse-and-buggy at the time. The brother was killed in the accident while the sister suffered critical injuries. The woman who was driving the car was 56 years old.

The woman pleaded not guilty to the two charges that were brought against her recently. The trial is scheduled for a later date. The woman was driving with a learner’s permit at the time of the accident.

Though this road is still not over for the Nebraska family of the victim of the fatal accident, they may have the right to seek restitution for the loss of life if they see fit. This reimbursement could be used to pay for any final expenses of the deceased victim, or for any new bills acquired because of the accident. Although this will never replace their loved one, it can provide a sense of justice — especially if the woman is not proved guilty in her trial.

Source: The Republic, Correction: Horse-Drawn Buggy Crash story, No author, Nov. 19, 2013