Winter can be a wonderful season around the holidays, but the weather conditions that come with the season do not always make the greatest driving conditions. Snow can be very hard to drive in for a young driver, and when the snow melts it can cause the roads to become slick. Unfortunately, two girls traveling in a vehicle were recently killed when a fatal accident took place in Nebraska.

The accident occurred when a 17-year-old girl lost control of her car, crossed the center line and hit a 36-year-old man who was driving a truck on Dec. 22. The passenger of the 17-year-old’s car, a girl who was 14 years old, was partially ejected according to local police. Emergency personnel stated that she had died at the accident.

The young driver was taken to a hospital in critical condition, but later succumbed to her wounds. The accident also left the driver of the truck and his passenger with critical injuries. The accident is still under investigation, and the current condition of the injured individuals is unknown at this time.

Once investigations of the fatal accident are completed by the Nebraska police, the family of the deceased girl or the injured victims may be able to seek compensation to pay for the damages they have incurred. If compensation is awarded, it could be used to pay for any final expenses of the girl or medical bills of the injured people. This could help all parties who were affected heal both physically and emotionally for the family of the girl, as well as help the individuals return to their lives as soon as possible.

Source:, Two Conestoga High School students killed in car accident, Brent Hardin, Dec. 23, 2013