Car accidents that involve three or more vehicles can often end in serious injuries, especially for those who are in the middle car or cars. Unfortunately, on roads where cars travel faster than normal, a simple mistake by one driver can create horrendous crashes with serious injuries. One car accident in Nebraska that involved multiple cars left two people with serious injuries.

The accident involved three different cars on Nov. 2 when the rear car struck the middle car, which in turn struck the vehicle in front of it. Two people were injured in the accident and were both in the middle vehicle that was involved. The two individuals were both priests in Nebraska and were 63 and 69 years old.

The two injured people were taken to a nearby hospital and were then sent to separate hospitals after that. Both men were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident. Neither of the other two drivers involved in the accident were injured. The priests’ injuries were reported as non-life threatening, however they were considered severe.

The two injured Nebraska men may have the right to seek monetary reimbursement from the responsible party, for the injuries that they suffered in this car accident. If compensation is awarded to either one of the men, it could be used to help pay for hospital bills that have accrued because of the motor vehicle collision. This can often lift a huge amount of stress off of an injured victim and allow them to fully heal before returning to their normal life.

Source: Norfolk Daily News, Two priests injured in car crash, No author, Dec. 4, 2013