Holiday traffic can often make the interstates all over the United States heavily congested. This paired with the negligence of some drivers can often create highly dangerous situations and tragic outcomes. People can be injured or even killed in these accidents, which can often hurt everyone that is involved. Unfortunately, a car accident in Nebraska injured one person recently.

The accident was a head-on collision that occurred on interstate 80 and sent one person to the hospital. The accident, which took place on Dec. 27, happened when a 34-year-old driver crossed the median of the interstate and struck another car head-on. The other car was driven by a 34-year-old man and had a passenger who was 39 years old. The passenger was transported to a nearby hospital.

The hospitalized victim’s injuries were not life-threatening, but could still lead to extensive medical bills. Nebraska State Patrol stated that alcohol was likely not a factor in the accident, but instead that the man may have fallen asleep just before he crossed the interstate. The accident is still being investigated by Nebraska State Patrol.

The injured Nebraska victim of the car accident may have the right to seek monetary compensation for his injuries. If compensation is awarded, it could be used to pay any medical bills that the victim received from the collision or help compensate for the victim’s source of income if he is unable to work. This can often times help a victim feel less stressed while he or she is attempting to heal and can allow that person to fully heal before returning to a normal routine.

Source:, Head-on Crash on I-80, Tara Moore, Dec. 27, 2013