Nebraska Injury Lawyer Talks About Workers Comp Benefits

What are the 4 types of workers comp benefits you can get in Nebraska?
Are you eligible for workers comp?
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What kind of workers comp benefits are out there, what’s the difference between them and what kind may you be eligible for? Greg Coffey is a Nebraska injury lawyer who’s been doing this for a long time. The above video will tell you what he has to say about workers comp benefits in Nebraska

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Here’s the four basic types of workers comp benefits you can get in Nebraska:

  • medical expenses: Under most circumstances an injured worker is entitled to have 100 percent of their medical expenses covered including mileage to and from the care facility.
  • temporary disability: If you miss some time from work while recovering from the injury, you are entitled to a percentage of the wages that you’re missing out on by not being able to work
  • permanent disability: If you wind up with some kind of permanent injury after your recovery is complete, you may be entitled to get compensated for the extent of the permanent injury
  • vocational rehabilitation: If your injury prevents you from performing the work you used to do before the injury occurred, your employer has a duty to put you back to work. They would be responsible for paying you disability benefits while you’re going through rehabilitation or re-education.

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