Need Help After Your Accident with a Large Truck? Nebraska Injury Lawyer Answers Your Questions:

What kind of money can you get if you’ve been hit by a large truck?
How long do you have to file your case?
What kinds of damages can you get compensated for?
How do you or the Nebraska Injury Lawyer representing you go about proving fault?
How much will a Nebraska Injury Lawyer charge to handle your case?
Are there any up-front fees?
A Nebraska Injury Lawyer can help you with your truck accident case

Been in a truck accident and now you want to talk with a Nebraska Injury Lawyer?

Need help paying for your medical bills and damage to your vehicle? A Nebraska Injury Lawyer will tell you that truck accidents are not the same as passenger vehicle accidents. Truck drivers have to go through rigorous training and they drive by a different set of rules than the drivers of passenger vehicles. Truck drivers have to have a commercial driver’s license. Chances are, the people in the passenger vehicle will sustain significantly larger injuries in the accident than the truck driver.

A Nebraska Injury Lawyer will help you after your truck accident

Drivers of commercial vehicles such as large trucks are required to keep drivers logs and other documents for as long as 6 months. A Nebraska injury lawyer will tell you that if those documents are not preserved, within 6 months, they are usually destroyed, and valuable evidence can be lost along with them. If you’re in a trucking accident, your Nebraska injury lawyer should take immediate steps to preserve the driver’s log and other valuable records. If those are not preserved, you’re going to lose valuable evidence that may affect the outcome of your case.

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Friedman Law Offices in Nebraska always has an injury lawyer standing by to talk to you about your case for free. We know that you’re in pain right now and that you have bills to pay. We want to help you. If you’ve been in a truck accident in Nebraska and want to see if you have a case, please call a Nebraska injury lawyer for help at 800-220-9990 or visit our website at