Nebraska Injury Lawyer Tells You: How Does a Deposition Work?

Can what you say in your deposition affect your case?
Do you have to be deposed?
How will a Nebraska Injury Lawyer help you prepare for your deposition?
What will your Nebraska Injury Lawyer ask you in the deposition?
What will the other lawyer ask you in your deposition?
Does a deposition cost anything for you?
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Were you or your loved one injured because of negligence and now you’re thinking of having a Nebraska Injury Lawyer open a personal injury case for you?

One thing you may be wondering is; what is a deposition? At Friedman Law Offices, we answer this question a lot. A deposition is part of the discovery process. It is a question and answer session under oath before a court reporter. It is just like going to court. The information is transcribed and frequently, depositions are videotaped for use in court. Your lawyer and the other lawyer are both present and both will be asking you questions.

If you’ve been injured due to negligence, speak with a Nebraska Injury Lawyer

Your deposition is the most important part of your case – be sure to answer all the questions truthfully. Your Nebraska Injury Lawyer will spend a good amount of time with you before the deposition in order to prepare you for it.

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